The exciting conclusion of the Pals in Peril series finds Jasper and his friends journeying to the far reaches of the Horsehead Nebula in search of the father that Jasper has never known!


Written by M.T. Anderson

"A humorous dystopia with funny black-and-white illustrations."--School Library Journal

"Anderson tucks in an oversize spider, a squirt gun that shoots holy water, and even a touch of romance, while Cyrus adds spooky illustrations to another action-packed episode in the Pals in Peril series."--Booklist

"Armed with an array of adjectives, nonsequitors, bizarre asides, irrelevant footnotes, and running gags, Anderson sends up decades of children’s book series, and creates a hysterical tale of his own."--Publishers Weekly, starred review

"Metafiction at its most weirdly satisfying...Extremely funny, it's for adults, who will get at least half the references, and for children, who will get the other half. Cyrus's illustrations are integral and pretty darn amusing too."--Kirkus Reviews


Rockets! Robots! Zombies! The Six-Armed Warriors of Delaware! These excellent books, written by M.T. Anderson, make me laugh. The excellent cover illustrations are by Brandon Dorman. All the other excellent illustrations are by me.

dark figure haning from stairs
Kurt Cyrus
Author & Illustrator of Children's
Zombie basketball
Jasper tied to upside down chair
hermits sitting on stumps
helicopter manatees

Illustrated by Kurt Cyrus

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